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Advanced Operations Company Ltd.

is an established Electric and Mechanical Manpower contracting company across Saudi Arabia since 2011 and has been in the lead in the industry ever since. Our company focuses in providing Manpower solutions to Power Generation Plants and Areas. We employ skilled workers worldwide to build a solid and compact statement to our Partners. We employ only the best of the best to satisfy our Clients with the top-notch quality of service our employees can provide and we can administer. These fundamental values are where our main foundation stands and in which our company was built upon. Our company is presently on the lead in employing people in various Power Generation Plants across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia centralizing all efforts on Mechanical, Electrical services and Operations. Advanced Operations Company is led by the most competitive and most trustworthy people in the industry. We can manage and work every solution to everything our Clients’ needs.

  • Our mission is to provide the most competitive, most skilled and exceptionally trained worker for the companies focused on Power Generation field. We employ not only locally trained work force but also people across the globe to premeditatively actualize diversity in the work environment. We have partnered with agencies internationally; and one of which is the Sara International Manpower Services in the Philippines.

  • Our goal is not only to succeed in this industry but to perform exceptionally in providing Manpower Solutions to Power Plants across the Kingdom. Furthermore, to improve and set a standard to a degree where other local or international business will live up to. More importantly is to strive to do our best in serving and fortifying our company in the Workforce, Partners and Clients in the entirety of the industry.

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